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White Paper on Human Rights in North Korea 2011

Kim Kook-shin, Chon Hyun-joon, Lee Keum-soon, Lim Soon-hee, Lee Kyu-chang, Hong Woo-taek
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2011-08-30 / 545 p.
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hr2011.pdf   [다운:22396]
  • Summary

    The Korea Institute for National Unification (KINU) in Seoul established its North Korean Human Rights Research Center in December 1994 for the purpose of managing various data and source materials related to the human rights situation in North Korea in a systematic and professional
    way. The Center has also periodically conducted systematic and professional in-depth personal interviews with North Korean defectors in South Korea to ascertain the reality of the human rights situation behind the walls of North Korea. Based on the information obtained through our research and investigations we have built an extensive computerized database, and since 1996 we have published this “White Paper on Human Rights in North Korea” every year in both Korean and English. In order that we may better grasp the North Korean realities on the ground, the contents of this White Paper are based on in-depth personal interviews with North Korean defectors in South Korea, with emphasis on recent arrivals, as well as on various reference materials, reports, and scholarly analyses on North Korean human rights that have been published here and abroad...

  • Contents

    Executive Summary

    I. Human Rights and the Characteristics of the North Korean System

      1. Human Rights and Characteristics of the North Korean Regime

      2. North Korea’s Concept of Human Rights

      3. The International Human Rights Regime and North Korean Human Rights

    II. The Reality of Civil and Political Rights

      1. The Right to Life

      2. The Rights to Liberty and Personal Safety

      3. The Right to Due Process of the Law

      4. The Right to Equality

      5. Civil Liberties

      6. Freedom of Religion

      7. The Right of Political Participation

    III. The Reality of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

      1. The Right to Food

      2. Social Security Rights

      3. The Right to Work

      4. The Freedom to Choose One’s Job

    IV. The Reality of Minority Human Rights

      1. Women’s Rights

      2. The Rights of the Child

      3. Care for the Disabled

    V. Human Rights in Major Issue Areas

      1. South Koreans Abducted and Detained in North Korea

      2. Human Rights Abuses on Korean War POWs

      3. Human Rights Abuses on Defectors

    Major North Korean Human Rights Events in 2010

    <Appendix 1> Public Executions in North Korea Since the Currency Reform

    <Appendix 2> Major Figures Publicly Executed in the Last 5 Years

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