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White Paper on Human Rights in North Korea 2009

Lee Keum-Soon, Choi Soo-Young, Kim Soo-Am, Lee Kyu-Chang, Lim Soon-Hee
Publish Date / Page
2009-07-24 / 462 p.
Series No.
[2009] 북한인권백서(영문)(최종).pdf   [다운:2970]
  • Summary

    Ⅰ. Human Rights and the Characteristics of the North Korean System
    It is believed that North Korean authorities have continued to practice “public executions” (or “summary executions”) in 2008, which is the most inhuman method of depriving human life. Public execution goes against everything that human rights stands for. Furthermore, North Korean authorities have been imposing capital punishment on crimes that do not even warrant the death penalty as prescribed in the North Korean Penal Code. Despite the stipulations in the Penal Code, the authorities have imposed various punishments including the death penalty through extralegal fiat, such as special proclamations and instructions. It has been reported that public executions were imposed on such crimes as murder, smuggling (of narcotics), and the circulation of information like foreign video tapes. Nevertheless, it is a relief to learn that the frequency of public execution has been decreasing in recent years, according to the many defectors who came to South Korea in late 2007 and early 2008.

  • Contents

    I. Human Rights and the Characteristics of the North Korean System

    1. Human Rights and the Characteristics of the North Korean System

    2. North Korea’s Concept of Human Rights

    3. International Human Rights Regime and North Korean Human Rights Policies

    II. The Reality of Civil and Political Rights

    1. The Right to Life

    2. Individual Liberty

    3. The Right to Due Process of the Law

    4. The Right to Equality

    5. Civil Liberties

    6. Freedom of Religion

    7. The Right of Political Participation

    III. The Reality of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

    1. The Right to Food

    2. Social Security Rights

    3. The Right to Work

    4. Freedom to Choose Jobs

    IV. The Rights of Minorities

    1. The Rights of Women

    2. The Rights of the Child

    V. Other Human Rights Violations

    1. South Koreans Abducted and Detained in North Korea

    2. The Human Rights of South Korean POWs Held in North Korea

    3. Human Rights Violations on North Korean Escapees

    Appendix: Chronology of Major North Korean

    Human Rights Events in 2008

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