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White Paper on Human Rights in North Korea 2008

Lee Keum-Soon, Kim Soo-Am, Lim Soon-Hee, Choi Jin-Wook
Publish Date / Page
2008-09-25 / 397 p.
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  • Summary

    In 2007, the international community continued its endeavor to improve the serious human rights situation in North Korea. And, even though North Korea has protested the UN General Assembly’s repeated resolutions on North Korean human rights, it has also taken some positive steps, such as submitting the 3rd and 4th combined national implementation report for the Rights of the Child Convention. The Six Party Talks on the North Korean Nuclear Issue has made some progress in 2007, and the two Koreas held the second summit meeting in October.
    Two years in a row, 2006 and 2007, North Korea has suffered severe flood damage. Ultimately, the international community has concluded that the human rights situation in North Korea did not improve in 2007...

  • Contents
    I. Human Rights and the Characteristics of the North Korean System

     1. Human Rights and the Characteristics of the North Korean System

     2. North Korea’s Concept of Human Rights

     3. International Human Rights Regime and North Korean Human Rights Policies

    II. The Reality of Civil and Political Rights

     1. The Right to Life

     2. Individual Liberty

     3. The Right to Due Process of the Law

     4. The Right to Equality

     5. Civil Liberties

     6. Freedom of Religion

     7. The Right of Political Participation

    III. The Reality of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

     1. The Right to Food

     2. Social Security Rights 

     3. The Right to Work

     4. Freedom to Choose Jobs

    IV. The Rights of Minorities

     1. The Rights of Women

     2. The Rights of the Child

    V. Other Human Rights Violations

     1. South Koreans Abducted and Detained in North Korea

     2. The Human Rights of South Korean POWs Held in North Korea

     3. Human Rights Violations on North Korean Escapees

    Appendix Chronology of Major North Korean Human Rights Events in 2007

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