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International Journal of Korean Unification Studies vol. 21, no. 1

Publish Date / Page
2012-06-30 / 161 p.
Series No.
20000 Won
영문저널__21-1_최종본.pdf   [다운:3391]
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    1 Feature Theme Kim Jong-un´s North Korea: What Should We Expect? Andrei Lankov 1~20 p. Vol.21,No.1_Andrei Lankov.pdf   [다운:1977]
    2 Feature Theme Prospects for Sino-American Policy Coordination toward North Korea Scott Snyder 21~44 p. Vol.21,No.1_Scott Snyder.pdf   [다운:1392]
    3 Feature Theme Prospects for China’s North Korea Strategy in the Post-Kim Jong-il Era and Implications for South Korea Myeong-hae Choi 45~73 p. Vol.21,No.1_Myeong-hae Choi.pdf   [다운:2853]
    4 Thesis A Historical Contingency?: North Korea’s New Leadership Meets the Rise of China and the U.S. Re-engagement Policy Ihn-hwi Park 75~98 p. Vol.21,No.1_Ihn-hwi Park.pdf   [다운:1275]
    5 Thesis Sino-North Korean Relations in the Post-Kim Jong-il Era: U.S. Perspectives Yong Shik Choo 99~118 p. Vol.21,No.1_Yong Shik Choo.pdf   [다운:1572]
    6 Thesis In Search of Balance between Inducements and Sanctions: Evaluating the Lee Myung-bak Administration’s North Korea Policy Jin Ha Kim 119~161 p. Vol.21,No.1_Jin ha Kim.pdf   [다운:1247]

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