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International Journal of Korean Unification Studies vol. 16, no. 1

Korea Institute for National Unification
Publish Date / Page
2007-06-30 / 237 p.
Series No.
vol 16, no. 1
IJKUS16-11.pdf   [다운:2276]
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    No Category Article Author Page File
    1 Thesis Six-Party Talks: "Action for Action" and the Formalization of Reginal Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia Scott Snyder 1-24 p. Vol.16, No.1_Scott Snyder.pdf   [다운:661]
    2 Thesis China and Korean Peninsula: A Chinese View on the north Korean Nuclear Issue Yufan Hao 25-47 p. Vol.16, No.1_Yufan Hao.pdf   [다운:680]
    3 Thesis What´s New? Comparing the February 13 Action Plan with the Agreed Framework Narushige Michishita 48-72 p. Vol.16, No.1_Narushige Michishita.pdf   [다운:633]
    4 Thesis North Korea´s Nuclear Issue: Beyond the Februray 13 Agreement Tae-Hwan Kwak 73-101 p. Vol.16, No.1_Tae-Hwan Kwak.pdf   [다운:1028]
    5 Thesis A Prospect for US-North Korean Relations beyond the BDA Issue Kang Choi & Joon-Sung Park 102-150 p. Vol.16, No.1_Kang Choi, Joon-Sung Park.pdf   [다운:659]
    6 Thesis South Korea as a Middle Power: Capacity, Behavior, and Now Opportunity Jeffrey Robertson 151-174 p. Vol.16, No.1_Jeffrey Robertson.pdf   [다운:3112]
    7 Thesis Paradigms and Fallacies: Rethinking Northeast Asian Security and Its Implications for the Korean Peninsula Hun-Joo Park 175-200 p. Vol.16, No.1_Hun-Joo Park.pdf   [다운:658]
    8 Thesis Transformation of National Strategy in Postwar Vietnam: Dependency to Engagement Sung-Chul Kim 201-237 p. Vol.16, No.1_Sung-Chull Kim.pdf   [다운:594]

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