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International Journal of Korean Unification Studies vol. 19, no. 1

Publish Date / Page
2010-06-30 / 156 p.
Series No.
IJKUS19-1.pdf   [다운:2209]
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    No Category Article Author Page File
    1 Feature Theme Consensus Building and Peace Regime Building on the Korean Peninsula Charles M. Perry & James L. Schoff 1-28 p. Vol.19, No.1_Charles M. Perry, James L. Schoff.pdf   [다운:783]
    2 Feature Theme Singing a Peace Agreement: Issues for Consideration Narushige Michishita 29-63 p. Vol.19, No.1_Narushige Michishita.pdf   [다운:892]
    3 Feature Theme Neither Peace, Nor War in Korea: A Russian Assessment of Past, Present, and Future Georgy Toloraya 64-93 p. Vol.19, No.1_Georgy Toloraya.pdf   [다운:907]
    4 Thesis Rethinking Engagement on the Korean Peninsula: Confidence to Trust to Peace Kevin Shepard 94-125 p. Vol.19, No.1_Kevin Shepard.pdf   [다운:1095]
    5 Thesis A Comparsion of German and Korean Division: Analogies and Differences Hanns Gunther Hilpert 126-156 p. Vol.19, No.1_Hanns Günther Hilpert.pdf   [다운:2889]

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