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International Journal of Korean Unification Studies vol. 18, no. 1

Publish Date / Page
2009-07-07 / 165 p.
Series No.
IJKUS18-1.pdf   [다운:2171]
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    No Category Article Author Page File
    1 Thesis North Korea in Transition: CHanges in Internal Politics and the Logic of Survival Andrei Lankov 1-27 p. Vol.18, No.1_Andrei Lankov.pdf   [다운:912]
    2 Thesis Shattering Myths and Assumptions: The Implications of North Korea´s Strategic Culture for U.S. Policy Balbina Hwang 28-53 p. Vol.18, No.1_Balbina Hwang.pdf   [다운:772]
    3 Thesis A Japanese Perspective on North Korea: Troubled Bilateral Relations in a Complex Multilateral Framework Heigo Sato 54-92 p. Vol.18, No.1_Heigo Sato.pdf   [다운:929]
    4 Thesis Tension on the Korean Peninsula and Chinese Policy Gong Keyu 93-119 p. Vol.18, No.1_Gong Keyu.pdf   [다운:1196]
    5 Thesis Strategy Analysis for Denuclearizing North Korea Woo-Taek Hong 120-141 p. Vol.18, No.1_Woo-Taek Hong.pdf   [다운:1275]
    6 Thesis The Changing Party-State System and Outlook for Reform in North Korea Jinwook Choi 142-165 p. Vol.18, No.1_Jinwook Choi.pdf   [다운:740]

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