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International Journal of Korean Unification Studies vol. 22, no. 2

Publish Date / Page
2013-12-31 / 142 p.
Series No.
10,000 Won
IJKUS22-2.pdf   [다운:2370]
  • Summary

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    No Category Article Author Page File
    1 Feature Theme Northeast Asia and the Trust-building Process: Neighboring States’ Policy Coordination Ihn-hwi Park 1-27 p. 01_Ihn-hwi_Park.pdf   [다운:1253]
    2 Feature Theme Human Rights in North Korea: Addressing the Challenges Roberta Cohen 29-62 p. 02_Roberta_Cohen.pdf   [다운:1645]
    3 Feature Theme Playing Blind-Man’s Buff: Estimating North Korea’s Cyber Capabilities Tobias Feakin 63-90 p. 03_Tobias_Feakin.pdf   [다운:2246]
    4 Thesis Capacity Building at the Kaesong Industrial Complex: Implications for North Korea’s Economic Zones Lim Eul Chul 91-113 p. 04_Lim_Eul_Chul.pdf   [다운:1463]
    5 Thesis Building Trust on the Margins of Inter-Korean Relations: Revitalizing the Role of South Korean NGOs Dean Ouellette 115-142 p. 05_Dean_Ouellette1.pdf   [다운:1220]

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