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International Journal of Korean Unification Studies vol. 20, no. 2

Publish Date / Page
2011-12-31 / 197 p.
Series No.
10,000 Won
IJKU20-2.PDF   [다운:2639]
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    No Category Article Author Page File
    1 Thesis On The Threshold of Power, 2011/12 Pyongyang´s Politics of Transition Jin-Ha Kim 1-26 p. 20-2-1.PDF   [다운:1164]
    2 Thesis North Korea´s South Korea Policy: An Evaluation of Determining Variables and Prospects for 2012 Kibum Han 27-68 p. 20-2-2.PDF   [다운:1813]
    3 Thesis Outlook for North Korean Economic Reform and Marketization Mimura Mitsuhiro 69-90 p. 20-2-3.PDF   [다운:2176]
    4 Thesis Diagnosis and Assessment of North Korea´s Sociocultural Sector in 2012 Yong Sun Jeon 91-120 p. 20-2-4.PDF   [다운:1680]
    5 Thesis Stalemate and Beyond:The North Korean Nuclear Impasse and Its Future Christopher A. ford 121-174 p. 20-2-5.PDF   [다운:1405]
    6 Thesis The Prospects for Economic Reform in North Korea after Kim Jong-il and the China Factor Troy Stangarone & Nicholas Hamisevicz 175-197 p. 20-2-6.PDF   [다운:2270]

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